How to Inspire & Motivate Yourself – Strategy 1 – Lie & Lie!

Motivations and Inspirations are what move us and help us make big changes in our lives and careers. Although you can get inspired by external sources, but I want to share with you some strategies to create that “buzz” internally from within.

Motivation is quite an unreliable source when we want to make long-lasting habitual changes, but It can offer us a great boost to conquer short-term goals and I will be sharing with you a series of short posts or quick reads through which I go over strategies I have learnt and exercised to keep my spirit high and push myself a bit further in pursuing my own goals.

Strategy 1 

Make up a list of 2 -3 untruths or lies about yourself that you would have loved to say to others.

Close your eyes and imagine you came across a genie in a bottle!

Genie tells you that you are going to a party or to a business meeting where no one knows you and 3 lies that you tell others about your career (or life) will come true.

And of course, there are rules around these wishes as always! and some obvious rules are that

  • Genie can’t kill anyone,
  • can’t make people fall in love and
  • can’t bring anyone back from the dead!

& as technology has advanced, Our Genie’s rules are also advanced and now

  • Can’t give you loads of money or castles or Bugatti etc. due to bad economy!

Your lies have to be within the reality of life!

Now jokes aside, tell some pretty awesome lies and whatever goes on your list, make sure they bring joy to your heart and a smile to your face, even if there were not another single person on earth to cheer you for them.

I know this sounds pretty weird for the first strategy of self-motivation but by “lying” to yourself, you are actually creating a vision of whom you want to be & not only that vision is super powerful in motivating you but can actually be pretty eye-opening for your career and life. It can give your goals a strong and realistic direction and can help you see the truth of who you could possibly become.

Drop me a line if you gave this technique a try and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive other strategies right in your inbox.

P.S. if you got value from this post or know someone who would, please share and leave a comment below with your suggestions.

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