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Our coaching services are led by a career strategist and a certified coach who has more than two decades of professional experience.

She is directly vested and aims to help our clients change their trajectory and build the career they desire while enjoying a meaningful life.

Our lead coach has had critical and leading roles in some of Canada’s largest corporations including Fortune Global 500 companies. She has successfully transitioned through careers and worked her way up the ladder in different industries and has successfully achieved all her career goals.

She has worked closely with prominent executives, directors and VPs and sat on the board of directors for a leading organization. Her experience of coaching, leading and managing direct reports has helped her oversee portfolios of hundreds of millions dollars. With her public speaking skills she had led seminars and trainings, and presented financial data to audience of different backgrounds.

Our lead coach believes in compounding effect of changes and has implemented numerous small and large scale process improvements within variety of organizations & teams.




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I'm super happy I found leapfrog mission. I initially hesitated to pay for coaching as I didn't know what to expect but Miriam answered all my questions promptly I decided to give it a shot. I wanted a raise so much but was worried to speak up specially after Covid and all the layoffs that my team had gone through. I worked with Miriam and learnt how to pitch for my self. I just received $8K raise and couldn't be happier.
Amanda Cyan
Senior Financial Analyst
Thank you Miriam for pushing me to stand my ground, ask for what I wanted and deserved & the best of all, do it all professionally without hurting my career.
Andrea Bell
Senior Manager
I had worked with a couple of so called "experts" prior to meeting Miriam and they had given me all the wrong information that made me stuck for such a long time. Miriam helped me see things from a hiring manager's point of view which made total sense. She also helped me update my application, strategize my job search and properly network. I have 2 interviews lined up, Super excited!
Monir C. Lyon
Accounting Assistant
Merci Maryam joon! I totally enjoyed working with you, I am so much more confident now in my new role. My direct reports are handling the new changes very well and for myself: the new habits that you helped me to develop are coming more natural to me now. I can't thank you enough.
Marjan Nemati
Corporate FP&A Manager

"Failure doesn't mean you are a failure. It just means you had a great opportunity to learn."

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