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Career Kick Off

Dreams alone don't work; you need a viable plan and a willingness to take action .
Miriam Freeman
Certified Coach

Do you have skills, education, and work experience – and you’re ready to jump in and find a job, But don’t know where to start? 


You are not sure how to find that job? or, where are the positions advertised? Are you wondering what to say during the interview or what not to say?! Do you want to know how to build your professional network?

Are you new to Canada or USA and all the job searching advice you hear seems too confusing to you? Do you need to ask your questions and gain clarity about your next career moves? Want to get established in a new job but don’t even know how to start? 

Understand Current labor market and industry trends.
Develop more effective strategies
Find proven ways to achieve career success

We Can Help You Reach Your Potentials

Career Kick-Off

Our Exclusive process


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Multi-dimensional Sessions

Learn through a mix of self-directed and 1:1 hybrid of coaching & mentoring sessions. We use our exclusive process to peel layers of mysteries off, till your best option is revealed to you.

1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions

All sessions in this program is 1 to 1 and virtual with your dedicated certified coach. This means you will get to ask your questions, discuss your goals and express your feelings and thoughts freely.

Reading Materials & Resources

Be ready to step up to the mark! Once you start this program, you will receive materials or resources to read and review. The results of our program is directly tied to the level of your commitment and engagement.

Tried & True Methods

We have helped hundreds of professionals find their best-matched career paths. Our process was forged from sifting through hundreds of books and research articles, testing the methods with our volunteers, choosing what works and scratching off what doesn't.

Start Your Success Today

The time commitment for this program is decided after our initial session.

Non-obligatory 30-minute 1:1 zoom session to discuss your career vision and the overall impact that we can have on your journey. 

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