A Career Anchor is something that develops over time and evolves into a self-concept. It consists of one’s perceptions of one’s talents and abilities, one’s basic values, and one’s perceptions of motives and needs as they pertain to a career.

This is one of the well-known scientific models that can enable you to recognize your deep preferences for certain elements in your job. Knowing these elements is a vital part of planning a fulfilling career.

The quiz consists of 40 required questions and the result will be sent directly to your coach for further analysis. Your results then will be shared with you by your coach. 

How to answer the questions?

For each of the next forty items, rate how true each item is for you in general, with 1 as never and 6 as always. 

For example, number 1 means never, as it is never true for you or it never happens for you. While number 6 is always and it means that it happens always to you. 

Why Leapfrog Mission:

What sets us apart?

Our career coaching is a hybrid of mentoring & coaching with a dynamic & customized approach that starts with self-rediscovery and ends with a map to the future of your career.

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