Prepare for the most important deceision of your life

Career Path Discovery Bootcamp

Our Boot camp is designed and delivered with the individual in mind. It's a program jampacked with our exclusive techniques and methods. Expect to be surprised & even shaken up, think deep and to work hard, but ultimately be taken to a place of hope and determination.

What if you could have a career that suits your lifestyle?

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Are you trapped in a job you hate, but can’t let it go because you are afraid it is the best you can find?

Maybe your job is just OK, but you don’t feel as if you’ve tapped into your full potential.

Have you been downsized and unable to find a job in your industry?

Are you sure you have to change your career path but are treading water until things change, or until the economy improves? 

Have you been a stay-at-home mother or father and now want to go back to work, but you don’t know how to get started or what options are available that suits your lifestyle?

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Perhaps you are just about to retire and want to start another hustle that you really enjoy but don’t know what? 

Or maybe you want to start a side hustle that you would fall in love with, but are not sure about your options. 

Or maybe:

You have moved recently to North America but things aren’t going the way you planned; you can’t find a job in your previous field so you must find a reasonable alternative in your new home country?

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Career Path Discovery Bootcamp

Now is the time to make a change.

Our Exclusive process


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Multi-dimensional Sessions

Our approach to career path discovery is through a mix of self-directed and 1:1 hybrid of coaching & mentoring sessions. We use our exclusive process to peel layers of mysteries off, till your best option is revealed to you.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Minimum Two sessions of 1 to 1 coaching with your dedicated certified coach. This means you will get to ask your questions, discuss your goals and express your feelings and thoughts freely.

Self-paced Assignments

Be ready to step up to the mark! Once you join our Bootcamp, you will receive weekly projects to complete and resources to review. The results of our Bootcamp is directly tied to the level of your commitment.

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Reliable Quizzes

You must also expect to take some quizzes and/or take part in mental exercises. The results of these tests will be analyzed and discussed during the 1:1 sessions in a way that each quiz gives you one additional piece to solve the puzzle.

Fully Virtual

We want this coaching to be accessible, affordable and convenient while providing the most value. We will held the 1:1 sessions via Zoom and You can join our sessions from the comfort of your home, privacy of your car, or office. We encourage camera-on during our these sessions but it is totally optional.

Tried & True Methods

We have helped hundreds of professionals find their best-matched career paths. Our process was forged from sifting through hundreds of books and research articles, testing the methods with our volunteers, choosing what works and scratching off what doesn't.

Clarify and prioritize your goals for a fulfilling career that suits your lifestyle and makes you happy and get our help to bring that dream to reality. 

Start Your Journey Today

Why waste your life doing something you don’t like when there are so many opportunities around us? 

Non-obligatory 20-minute call to discuss your career vision and the overall impact that we can have on your journey. 

Other Ways We Can Help:

Take Control

Career Habits

Develop the habits necessary to make your career progress a reality and most importantly live the life you deserve as you climb the ladder. 

Make the cut

Interview Prep

There is a lot more involved in an interview than just knowing what to say. Learn the skills & practice till the spot light shines on you. 

grow on your own


We have articles that you can read and grow on your own or you can check out our other resources that are available. We continually add more to this list.

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