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Sometimes the best solution starts with a question.
Miriam Freeman
Certified Coach

You are already working but there are some challenges at work that you need to address and find solutions for?  


You have a good job already and want to plan to move up the ladder but are not quite sure how to start the conversation with your boss.

Or maybe you are having a difficult time with the culture of your team or a recent change in your organization and want to find ways to cope with it?

It’s time for you to get a raise but how would you start the conversation that doesn’t hurt your reputation or career? What to do if you have asked and the answer was “No”?

Are you trying to find a solution to work better with you team, colleagues or even your manager?


Why us:

Work With The Best

You will work closely with a coach who has years of experience in some of the largest Canadian corporations and Fortune 500 companies.

Have Peace of Mind

Our certified coach who has a no-nonsense approach to mentoring and coaching and takes your confidentiality as a pillar of her work. 

1:1 Virtual Sessions

Our result-focused coaching sessions are held virtually so that you can consult with your coach from the comfort of your home, office or car! 

Mutual Commitment

 Your vision will be the center of each session. You & your coach will work collaboratively toward that shared goal.  

Are you ready to step outside the box?

Your success will be our mission and goal. We are committed to your vision and if you are too, then book your first session today.

What To Expect From The First Session:

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