17 Most Common Career Change Mistakes

Career change is an emotionally tough decision that usually pushes professionals to make mistakes that will create more frustration. When these professionals finally reach out to me, they are mostly hopeless, angry, some financially tight, and all at their wit’s end. Surprisingly, I realized that most if not all of them, have made some common mistakes along the way that contributed to their frustration.

So, I wrote an article titled  “17 most common career-change mistakes” that was published by Brainz Magazine. Please take a peek at a few of the items on the list below and head over to Brainz magazine to read the full article. Hopefully, this article will help you avoid making the same mistakes.

1. Considering Salary The Highest Priority

2. Rushing Through Decisions

3. Jumping To School

4. Wanting To Advance OverNight

5. People Pleasing

6. Wanting Someone Else …

Read the full list and details by clicking HERE.

View a list of all of my articles HERE.


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